Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stocktake, scrapping and a collection of odd thoughts etc.

I finally finished my celebrate motherhood mini album for PDSB this morning and dropped it off. It is a class I am teaching in a week and a half. Since I won't book into a class if I can't see a sample first, I don't expect others to either. Since I finished the mini album, I got to working on my layout from Kim's (Kim Archer) class. I finished that as well and took photos but the light was terrible so I will take some more tomorrow and post them. I am quite happy with the layout, just need to gather all family members to write their comments on their little tag things (you will see what I mean once the layout is posted!)

I have to spent a portion of time translating stocktake figures this weekend, yuck... It is almost as bad as counting the stock itself. Lucky me gets to count all the hardware, every single screw, bolt etc. we have at work. So sucky...

Anyway, enough complaints about that. After my whinge on here on Thursday, Josh has been very well behaved. On Friday both Josh and Nikki were at childcare and we well behaved (except Nikki was whingy due to teething) and Josh had no accidents at childcare (toilet training.) Today he was great as well and had one accident (when I wasn't home). I am finding that I have to remind him to go to the toilet every hour or else he will get to absorbed in what he is doing and have accidents....
Definetly something I am trying to reduce with this crappy, freezing cold weather (less washing). It was quite cold today and after seeing the forecast for the rest of the week it looks as if it is going to be just as crap. Have to dig around for some winter clothes for Drewie in the next size up... He is an odd size at the moment, fits in most 00 just not the small sized one I tried on him this morning.

Best be off, I just got Becky Higgins sketch book (2) today and am oggling over that. Planing layouts with photos taken. Must make notes. Got a few cards to make before attempting new layouts though... Oh, still have Josh's first Christmas layout to finish....



Willisa Hogarth said...

I'm so in love with this crappy weather! Except I don't have much in the way of long sleeve, pregnancy friendly tops. So I know exactly how Drewie is feeling.

I'm up early because Mati normally gets up at 8ish, but of course daylight savings ended and she was up at 7ish.

Thinking about bringing those stamps over to you later this morning, And I thought if I brought Mati she could meet your Kidlets! I'll ring you at a much more appealing time (read: after at least 2 more cups of coffee)

Sarah said...

Well it appear we are all up early this morning anfd everyone is checking out bloggs.. LOL.. I am glad you are feeling a bit better Ros. I adore this weather but it also means the start of colds and flu GRRR... Have a great Sunday