Thursday, March 30, 2006

My day of dramas...

Ohh my god, what a day I had with the children today... I was in tears at their breakfast (I didn't get a chance to eat any) and Josh has spent the entire day being so naughty... My SIL thought it was so funny when I was on the phone to her as a sanity break and laughing all the time (thanks a lot Fi, great help that was NOT!!! It may have been funny to you when you are on the other side of Australia but not here when damm child is running across neighbours freshly planted grass seed!) I was late getting to mum's group as said child was just not behaving at all (thank goodness Nikki decided she needed a nap, either that or all the yelling mummy was doing was giving her a headache?) so I had one less to deal with for a short space of time.

At mum's group the other two mum's were also have problems with their children... Only it was just said children's attitude, little Miss and Mr... Josh is having an attitude problem, a personality problem, a behaviour problem and god only knows what else... I was ready to kick him out today... I nearly rang my MIL to get her to come over but I didn't because I figured I'd get the hmmm, ummmm sort of thing. When I mentioned it to her this afternoon, she said I should have rang her, she was only playing in the garden... Had I done that, I bet it wouldn't have been the response I would have gotten.

Drew is at the in laws tonight as my MIL usually watches him for a portion of Friday for me while I am at work. (He goes to childcare with Josh and Nikki the other day) but since I have stocktake to do tomorrow, end of month stuff, prepare for BAS, get all organised and get everything done for the end of next month before my 5 days away to QLD I have to put in some serious extra work (yuck.) Plus, Josh is having an operation on Tuesday so I won't be working then and can only work Wednesday depending on his eye etc.

I am thankful that Josh and Nikki were both in bed early and that Drew isn't here as if everyone was here right now bugging me, I think I would lose it. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids it's just.... at the moment I am like really hormonal or something (2nd period in 12 days, sorry for too much info...) and just yeah.... Blah about sums it up.

Off to do some more on my mini book and hopefully finish my layout from Kim's class. At least that is relaxing, and some ME time too boot!



Willisa Hogarth said...

Oh hun, Motherhood sucks some days. Enjoy your time out, and I hope that work isn't TOO hectic today. :)


Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
I hope you a feeling a bit better. i have enought trouble with two so I have no idea how you tackle three under three. Cheer up and if you every need sanity help give me a call.....