Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Udderly exhausted...

Working well with the mojo of late... Using up some more of the leftovers from my guest DT pack from www.deblingindesign.com.au and some stash... A layout about how little sleep I get now as a mother and how the kids settle at the momenet...

Journaling reads:
“Udderly” exhausted is how I feel most days. I really need to go to bed earlier and sleep longer, but when I finally have the kids settled down for the night, I need a little ME time.

A year ago, I probably counted on one hand, the number of nights I had a full nights sleep since being a mother. Josh rarely slept through until after his tonsils and adenoids were removed at 2 ¼. Nikki only sleeps through occasionally. She usually crawls into my bed most nights when Nat is at work, ever so quietly. I am unaware she is there, until something else wakes me up. Drew is the worse sleeper I have at the moment. Not only is he hard to get down for naps but takes the longest time to settle at night time and wakes many times during the night. Almost every night he comes into my room, asking for a “cuddle” in my bed at some ungodly hour between 11pm – 2am. Hopefully things will improve with his sleeping soon. He has an appointment to see the same Ear, Nose and Throat specialist that did Josh’s surgery. It is just a shame (and a pain) it will have been over a month’s wait when we finally get to see the Doctor. Bella is the best sleeper of the lot, She slept through the night at the earliest age. I guess by number four, we finally got it right. She has always been a good sleeper, maybe all the noise in the house from the day she came home from the hospital has helped. When she is ready for bed (and you haven’t noticed,) she will go to her cot and get her blankie (muslin wrap) and sometimes her dummy and sit in her bedroom doorway crying and waiting until you put her in bed.

Mum has told me many a times, “when the kids are all at school, you won’t know yourself.”
While that maybe true, Josh is only at kinder this year and for everyone to be at school seems so far away. Not that I am wishing the kids first 5 years away, I just wish that days (and nights) were easier than they are.

Journaling April 9th, 2008

Got more craft stuff to play with and need to get the carrot cake out of the tin to cool... More tomorrow (hopefully) as I have a busy day...



Anonymous said...

oh Ros, i so know how you feel and i only have 2 kids. by the time the getting to bed battle is over and hubby goes to bed, i sit up and play and wonder why i'm tired when Will cries over night or Tom crawls into bed. And then they want to get up at 6.30am and i am so not a morning person. Cheers Erica

tracy said...

I totally know where you are coming from. I stay up till around 12 - 1am for ME time otherwise I will go crazy! Then I have to get up early for the kids and my day starts again with me being tired and sometimes grumpy....it does get better (have a 15year gap between oldest and next child). Love the layout.

Fiona said...

Great journalling Ros! And I love the cow. What did you write the udderly with - love the font.