Saturday, April 26, 2008

9 lives?

Should be in bed, updating my photos a week journal while waiting for the printer to spit out some 200 pages I need for the Picture to Page craft show next weekend. Some excuse while I have been absent from writing, my SIL has been over from Perth and then today's drama's... Hence the 9 lives title. I am to tired to put it into more words now so to read a condensed version check out the italics font towards the end of the this entry.

Week Seventeen
21st – 27th April

Photo shoot with the Davidson family taken by Katie Toland.
Make your own pizza’s dinner with the Davidson’s.
Only had 1 car for most of the week (the bus, Kia Carnival) as we leant the Berlina to Grandma & Grandad as the transmission in their Magna went.
Portfolio interview at Josh’s kinder. Absolute classic was seeing a family photo of the 6 of us and with Nat it said “That’s Daddy, Daddy #4”. (I think he meant that Daddy is 4 years old like himself.) Alongside my photo it said “Mummy, Ros or Rose, is 8!” Also mentioned other things about me being on the “puter” and making Joshie something crafty.
Nikki went with Aunty Fiona to visit Cousin Aunty Helen & Ashlyn Dellow. Stayed over at Grandma’s house for two nights as well.
Stampin’ Up! Team meeting at Claire’s house. Got there later than wished for (2pm) but stayed until getting quite tired at 10pm. Got the great news that she is taking me on the Stampin’ Up Incentive Trip to Palm Cove in August... So unexpected as I didn’t qualify but Claire thinks I will get a lot out for it. Did I mention it is a FREE trip paid for by Stampin' Up!
Visit to the psychologist again. New medication to take when anxious. Small yellow tablets called “Neulactil 2.5mg”
Drew got into daddy’s rocketry box which was filled with resins, epoxy and all sorts of special glues. Drew squeezed some into Bella’s hair and (on the carpet and Aunty Fiona’s bed) and Bella had the tip of one of the bottles in her mouth. Talk about a freak out. Josh and Nikki did exactly as they were told and woke Daddy up with “Drew, rocket glue” or something like that... Bella has been a little more grizzly today (which the Poisons Information line said she could be) but not sure if her teeth are also a contributing factor in there as well.

P.S. Did you read my good news about my trip to Palm Cove in August... Can't wait, 5 days, 4 nights no kids, ahhh a nice break.... and all for me!!!

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Fiona said...

It is so exciting to see the trip written in words!!!!! And no I'm not ignoring "Strife" and his antics - just didn't want to give him first billing *grin*. Hope Boo is ok - were you able to get it out of her hair? Fingers crossed this new medication does the trick.