Friday, May 19, 2006

Busy week...

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. I tried to last night but blogger was in not playing fair mode again. I am uploading the layout I made for my MIL for mother's day. Using the same style of Kim Archer's motherhood class (loved that class, well I really love my boho chic layout and wanted to do another one). MIL liked it so that was good. Used up most of my child free Wednesday getting it done combined with cleaning the floor in the meals/kitchen area and waxing all in the am and a phone call to Will (who I was going to stop in and see but totally ran out of time.)

Haven't scrapped much at all this week. Been tired and not well (again). Felt like I was getting the flu the last 2 days and have been dizzy and faint all week. Was back at the doctors today as the mood swings etc are no better. Now, I am to be off the pill for 4 weeks and still keep a diary of how I am feeling. Plus, I get my blood results around mid week. Hopefully, they will have some answers but I am guessing everything will come back "within normal range" like they always do!

Have a black tie engagement party to go to tomorrow night. We personally think the couple (Nat's childhood best mate) are getting married as the whole black tie affair, can't be late and it is in the city. I was naughty and brought them a card instead of making one (as I don't think it would be appricated) but feel that the card is appropriate for either a wedding or engagment. If I could remember what it said, I'd write it on her but for the life of me, I can't remember and am feeling to lazy to get up and get it.

I worked today and it was a busy day as my brother was off on annual leave so I was doing his job along with mine. Thanks very much Warren! Went shopping yesterday with Nat and the kids for a shirt and tie for Nat to wear tomorrow night. After getting quite tired and cranky at the shops and $110.00 for Nat's shirt and tie (quite yummy looking ones though) off home we went.

We had Nat's parents, sister and nephew over for dinner on Wednesday night. For delayed mother's day. Was so not impressed as I dealt with most of the cooking and all the dishes. Will not be having it here again. I say that every time but I am getting sick of it. Dealing with all the mess and preperation... someone else's house or going out next time and I MEAN IT!

Sorry for the backwards update. Typed as it was remember.

Bye for now. Off to bed. Can't seem to get enough sleep!

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Sarah said...

Have a great night out tonight ROS!!! I love your layout, very cute. I sure hope everything sorts out soon and they find out what is wrong with you.....

I hope the kids are all well....