Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ripped off!

My two magazines that I got in the mail yesterday that I was quite excited about, well I ended up feeling ripped off... I finally got my SC and I got Scrapbooks etc. from the States and it is the Feb/March issue. I rang them some time ago as I was having trouble with my subs but to get a Feb/March issue in May is ridiculous! I brought the April issue whilst I was in QLD!

Moving on... Since blogger is playing nice today, I uploaded one of my pics from mother's day taken my mum. Composition etc. isn't great but then she was also using my camera and people aren't really comfortable when using things that aren't theres (well cameras at least). The kids all cracked it and no one smiled for any photos and I even have a series of photos with Drew pulling Nikki's hair!

I have uploading my layouts for the DT for Paper Doll. I really struggled with the my baby layout as it is a pattern on the reverse side and it was totally what I had in my head... Also, the layout is nothing like I imagined, initally I was having something full of pink flowers on a page with a portrait style photo... Ahhh so didn't happen. I think I also had issues as my printer has been playing up and I printed these photos at my mum's house on Sunday.

As we had to complete only layouts this month with set paper, I chose the pinkish stuff and more layouts of Miss Nikki. Isn't that totally why I had a baby girl? To scrap all yummy stuff for? The first one is Miss Nikki and"her" baby, don't let Joshie near it or else you have a huge tantrum.

The other one is for my mum's mini book I am still finishing from Mother's Day last year. (Don't worry I made her a canvas as well so at least she had something finished!) It is a very simple 6 x 6 album with what Nikki could or was doing each month for her first year, Very very simple as it is the way my mum scraps etc.

Off to do some cleaning of the house. In laws coming over for dinner so need to make some effort for a tider place... Got to do MIL's present first! LOL, will be a layout of photos of me and the kids on mother's day similar to Kim's motherhood class (I think!)




Wendy said...

Hey there Ros,
Your DT layouts are very sweet.
I've actually seen them IRL now too, since H has gone back to school and I am back at work today.

Sarah said...

How much have they grown up !!!!!!!