Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's day...

I didn't have a very good mother's day. To start with, Josh woke up at 6.30am and Nat got up and put a dvd on for him and hoped back into bed. I was sleeping with one eye open until Drew woke up 1 hour later. I kicked Nat out of bed and told him, "a sleep in, means you get out of bed (and watch the children) and I sleep in!"

He got up them but was busy organising food for the older 2 (Nikki was awake then) that Drew was on his own in the lounge room crying. I can't sleep with a crying baby just across from my room so up I was. Dealt with Drew and then off for a shower. I didn't even get breakfast made for me until I cracked it with Nat and he cooked me bacon and eggs at 9.30am! He didn't think about making breakfast for me apparently. I got a card off Nat (most unusual) and my present is in the mail (Gilmore Girls, season 3.) I wish he could have been more organised and had my present here on time but he doesn't seem to think Mother's day is really important. (More training required there I believe!) The kids all decorated coffee cups at childcare for me and Josh made me a very glittery card.

After I ate my breakfast, I took my kids to my mum's house whilst Nat went in my brother's car. Mum's mother's day present was to have the roofing on her pergola replaced. Nat didn't mention to me that a trip to Bunnings was required on the way (for him and Warren) so I was not happy as I would have stayed home with the kids and let them sleep longer rather than pile them into the car to arrive the same time as Nat and Warren. Josh had a ball at mum's place climbing up and down ladders all day look and constantly asking "Warren, what you doin?"

I had a photo of me and the 3 kids taken, (not happy with it) and many were taken. (Blogger won't let me upload them! Maybe tomorrow.) The kids were so tired and cranking there was no hope and this was only early afternoon. Naps were in shot supply and the kids were pests. I can't say I really enjoyed mother's day other than the yummy roast we had for dinner. At least I didn't have to cook (webbers are great) but I did clean up since no one else was helping mum.... Odd, considering my mum and I, are the only 2 mother's in the house and we were cleaning up. Normal, but not what should be happening on mother's day.

All from me, hoping my mood improves now I got 2 mags in todays mail... We will see.


Sarah said...

Ohh NO Ros!!!!!
Yes i believe he needs much more training. I think i must bug James for like three weeks before just to make sure he doesn't forget. this year Rebekah was very in the know about it all from School.

Ros said...

I thought I had done enough reminding especially after the year I didn't get my present till June. I still don't let him forget that!