Saturday, May 13, 2006


My layout from Kim Archer's motherhood class last night. I love the boho chic and how it all went together for this. Looks so yummy! Well, I think so at least! :D Class was great and seriously a fantastic speed... I was so relaxed considering most of the kids were still awake and even managed to get it all finished by 10pm with 2 phone calls and putting 2 kids to bed. It was certainly an achievement on my half!

I had a very busy day yesterday... I woke up late to get the kids to childcare, not a good start, went to have breakfast and the yogurt I brought on Wednesday was yuck so I had to take it back to Safeway, worked, came home, cooked dinner before picking up the kids, feed them and bathed them and tided up all their mess before starting Kim's class. At least I managed to get Nikki down before it started.

Today I am trying to keep the kids as quiet as possible before Nat has to wake up and one of the kids has taken Finding Nemo out of the dvd player (it was there at 7.30am this morning!). Nat is going to beerfest (of whatever it is called) so I am driving him and a couple of work mates there.... I asked him for a sleep in tomorrow morning (being mother's day and all) and he said "can you have one on monday morning?"
The bloody cheek of the boy... It is not like mother's day is on monday. He is only saying that too since he will not be 100% in the morning, but is that my problem? Hell no!

Gotta go and see why Drewie is crying.

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Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
Just push him out of bed. he would have no choice then........LOL