Monday, May 22, 2006

Saturday nite etc...

I have finally put the photos from my mum's camera onto the computer so I can share a photo of Nat and I and my brother and SIL all dressed up. It has a little smear on Warren because the lense was dirty and we didn't realise till later (damm it). I didn't take my camera either as it didn't really compliment the outfit! LOL, and I was struggling walking in my seriously high sandles. As for my dramas regarding what to wear, I ended up wearing a chinese top mum brought me back from China and a long black dressy skirt that is my SIL's. Oh yeah and the boys did have jackets too just they didn't wear them for the photo.

It wasn't a bad night and it was only an engagement party (and a 30th birthday). Their wedding is next November. None of us ate dinner before we left (there so wasn't any spare time) and were starving once we got there. Most of the hors devs (sp.) to begin with were horrible stuff I won't touch and then some normal stuff came out but the food was stopped being served about 9.30pm (well it felt like that). My only complaint about the night was the music was too loud (speakers right near the tables) and it was too hard to have a conversation without yelling.

Yesterday was spent at my mum's again as the boys had to finish the pergola. All is almost done now except for a few screws in the flashing. It was raining too heavy to finish. I managed to sneak out when I was at mum's to the local shops and go and get myself some new pants and undies... Much needed clothing but something I am not finding time to do with all the kids around.

Today I had to return Nat's suit to the formal place in Dandenong (he does have a suit but there is no way he is fitting into it any time soon!) so I dropped my sister off at work on the way home as her car was getting serviced. The kids were happy to see their "Aunty Didi" and didn't want her to go and once she had got out at work, I was getting "Where's Didi?" and "Diiiidiiiiiii"

Nat just informed me that he is working tomorrow (supposed to be his day off) and I don't mind too much as I am working too (mum watches the kids for me on Tuesdays) but I wish I knew... LOL, and it now means that I have to cook dinner as I will be home before he will. Taking the kids to the doctor's tomorrow for their vaccinations (sp.) Drew's and Nikki's are one month late due to them being so sick and Centrelink sent me a letter saying if Drew isn't immunised soon I won't get my childcare benefit for him. LOL, no mention about Nikki and they even paid me the immunisation allowance and her's aren't complete yet. Nikki was late getting one of her 6 month vaccinations (the doctor's missed it, don't know how) but I never had any letter about her... I guess they are getting far stricter on that sort of thing.

I just finished a very simple layout about Josh constantly asking his uncle "wot you doin?" when Warren and Nat were working on the pergola at mum's place on mother's day.

Josh has just walked into the study and he is butt naked! I asked him were his clothes were and I got told "gone, I go shower!"
He has already had a shower today earlier when he stripped and I complied as he didn't have a bath last night.

Gotta go deal with him.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fun night Ros. You all looked very swisho!!!!!! Your layout is so clean and simple and stunning.. love it!!!!!