Thursday, May 25, 2006

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I am so excited... Class details went up today for CKU-M.... Woo hoo.... *Did a little happy dance at home when I found out and then ran to SMS my SIL who will be my partner in crime for Boston!* I have to pick 6 classes and have picked four already with a whole bunch of maybe's. 2 MM classes and no Heidi Swapp (damm her, why does she have to have another baby?) One week to go till I book my place. I had better get in, or else it will be a long holiday in the States! LOL, flights have been booked for months!

I have the day off tomorrow, thank goodness. I have millions of errands to run as I didn't do any on Wednesday when I had it off as well. LOL, I went to Paper Doll and sat and chatted with Wendy for ages until I had to pick Nat and Barry up from the movies. Sorry Wendy for disturbing you for so long... Wasn't the plan. I am going to be organised and get all the jobs and errands done before scrapping. Well, that is except before the shosp are open. I can scrap before 9am if I have the time...

Took Nikki and Josh to see New Mc Donalds Farm today at Frankston (stage show). I was disappointed with the kids reaction as the love the tv show and Nikki loved it at first but grew bored of it, and Josh wasn't really interested. (40 minutes is too long for Nikki!) Both loved it when it came on tv this afternoon though. I was annoyed I guess more than anything as the $17.50 each I had to pay for all of us and it was so short (a good thing in a way) and the kids didn't get as much out of it as I wished.

I rang Centrelink today to get an estimate for my childcare benefit with my new hours at work and I have to consider if it is worth me working. With my 2 days a week and the new income estimate I would have only got $50 this week after paying childcare.... Soooo not good. Maybe Nat might have to do some more O/T and me not work? More craft and teaching sounds good...

I got some new books yesterday. MM home decor and scrapbooks... Still reading them but some layouts I must CASE!

Before I sign off. Will tagged me so here goes.

I AM: 25, slightly over my desired weight, cold and frumpy looking right now.
I WANT: to lose weight and be the weight I was before kids (wishful)
I HATE: body hair growing back. Can't it stay away once waxed? Need laser hair removal but who has the cash
I MISS: waking up when my body wants to and not when the kids want me to
I FEAR: something happening to either/both Nat and I and not being here for the kids
I HEAR: silence at this end of the house
I WONDER: what my very first best friend is doing now and where she is?
I REGRET: my first serious relationship. I was young and dumb and my parents we seperating. I felt I needed something stable when no matter how bad a bloke treats you, you should put up with it.
I DANCE: rarely. Usually only with the kids to Hi 5. Don't feel comfortable to dance in a group or with Nat. I am so self concious in that regard
I SING: when I like but get told off for my off tune singing
I CRY: sometimes when I am down
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: craft to share with you and me
I WRITE: infrequently as I struggle expressing my personal thoughts onto paper (blogging helps though)
I CONFUSE: 2 customers at work... LOL, nothing similar about them except for they are both contractors who buy timber
I NEED: a massage
I SHOULD: get a hair cut
I START: cleaning up and don't always finish what I set out to do
I FINISH: reading my scrap mags, books etc.
I TAG: Wendy


Cindy said...

I didn't know you read my blog Ros, or else I would have tagged you too :)

New MacDonald's Farm ?? Never heard of it till I saw it in the tv guide yesterday. Boy, I have lots to learn with this little one on the way, don't I ?? I have forgotten all the kiddies songs I sued to sing with Toby when he was little....

Cindy said...

"I sued to sing" is meant to be be USED TO SING

Ooops...excuse the typo's. I seem to be quite dyslexic at the moment...even typed "gorfotten" till I realised and changed it to "forgotten".


Ros said...

LOL at you Cindy... Pregnancy does strange things to ones head... But then again, lack of sleep does too...

Willisa said...

JEALOUS. I can't even read your entry past the first two lines.

You are so LUCKY! ARGH!

Course you deserve it, but thats totally not the point!