Friday, May 26, 2006

Busy day

It's been a super busy day. I did all my errands this morning and got home just after midday to find the parcel guy on my doorstep... Perfect timing and with my Gilmore Girls dvd's season 3, 4 & 5. Season 3 is my mother's day present and the rest are for my birthday and Christmas Nat tells me! *yay* This afternoon I scrapped 2 layouts (finished one off this evening, hence a scan instead of a photo!)... I can only show you one as I think the other one I will be using to enter the Memory Makers comp. Though of a BTP for the Masters too but I have gone hot and cold about entering that.... Ohhh and I want to enter the For Keeps one too... Looks like I need to do some serious scrapping.

The layout of Josh on his 2nd birthday is a total CASE from my new MM books Scrapbooks. Love that book and there will be more to be CASED from that... At least it will have me get a few pages done. Josh is nearly 3 and I have only just scrapped his 2nd birthday. Still haven't done his first or Nikki's either!
Under the BG orange journaling it opens up to list the presents Josh received from family members.

Last but not least, my birthday frame/card thing for my friends birthday dinner tomorrow night. I hope she likes it. It is like a birthday card, frame and mini album all in one. Not something you would be buying at the shops so I am guessing she doesn't already have one! LOL!

I was supposed to be teaching a card class at PDSB tomorrow but the class has now been postponned. Good in a way as it gives me more time to get ready for dinner and some more scrapping time (hopefully).


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