Sunday, May 28, 2006

Josh's quote of the day

"Aunty Callum and Krisy" annouced Josh when we were at my brother's for a bbq today... LOL, so funny as it is obviously supposed to be Aunty Kris (A.K) and Callum. Josh was having issues with Aunty and Uncle as he only has one Uncle...

Had to blog so I can journal that quote of the day one day!


Will said...

LOL Josh is so cute! Mati has issues with "Gran and Grandad" and as a result they are both just "Gran"!

Wn:D said...

Hey Ros,
Just caught up on all you posts from last week!
You looked very glam for the party.
I L O V E the frame and the LO looks cool too.
Of course, I've ordered the MM books for me too! LOL

fiona said...

It really is funny - I think I'll give Callum a call and call him Aunty Callum just to get his reaction *grin*