Monday, May 08, 2006

Tagged, now you it!

Didn't have a bad nights sleep last night considering I was alone with the kids but Josh woke up crying and cranky during the night. He had to go to 'his' toilet and do 'wee' and by the time we got there, he had already done it in his nappy. Resettled him in bed and sometime later (after Drew had woken up for a feed and gone back to sleep) he climbed into my bed. At least he went straight to Nat's side of the bed... Only problem was he was sleeping sideways so I woke to his feet touching my thighs!

Still quite cranky with Josh (well today at least). It is usually only him I get really cranky with. I don't know if it is a mix of coming off the old pill still and his terrible twos. (Anyway, with children older than 2, when does it end? Josh started his terrible twos at 17 months and Nikki is just about starting too...)

I have 2 Kim Archer classes this week (well I hope I get a spot in on her Friday night one, haven't heard back yet) need to organise my photos for it... Can't wait, I love Kim's classes as it is a way of getting through my never ending pile of photos and finishing the layout off to show to all.

I have been tagged by Sarah so here goes…

Things in my fridge
1. Milk (and lots of it, the kids drink oddles!
2. Ham
3. Nat’s pepsi max
4. Fruit & Veg
5. Cheese

In my closet (anything and everything… damm work in robe, means you store things other than clothes and shoes in there!)
1. Childcare bags
2. A variety of clothes from pre pregnancy days, maternity clothes (so not going there again) to today’s clothes. In my dreams I will fit into what I have left of my pre pregnancy wardobe…. Need to lose the rest of the damm baby weight!
3. Work jumpers
4. Presents
5. Toys taken from the kids (for not playing with them nicely)

In my handbag
1. My new phone!
2. Wallet
3. Notebook full of scrap ideas and journaling promps of Josh’s latest funny saying etc.
4. Keys
5. Tampons

In my car
1. Cd’s
2. Toys
3. Pram and toddler seat (in the boot anyway!)
4. Melways
5. A backseat full of car seats

On my DVD/ video player
1. Finding Nemo (or Emo and Umo as Josh and Nikki call it)
2. Blue Heelers
3. Hotel Babylon
4. Domino
5. Batman Begins

I tag, Will, Wendy and anyone else that wants to do it! Most of my non scrapping friends don’t do blogs at all, damm them! Trying to convert them, maybe in good time.

All from me now and hopefully I don't crack it majorly with Josh today... Might have to go and do retail therapy (doesn't help the budget though).

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Sarah said...

OHHH It must be the moon at the moment Ros. These kids are sending me batty as well...

Glas nat is feeling a bit better..