Sunday, May 07, 2006


Nat is really sick at the moment and thank goodness he didn't work last night. It took a discussion (read fight) to get him to stay home and call in sick. To get Nat to take any time off work (other than annual leave) is really hard.... Damm male! He is sounding a little better now, his voice comes and goes but overall is better than if he had of worked nightshift last night. I think he is working tonight though.... Still not happy about that especially since the doctor's gave him a medical certificate for tonight as well. He is worried about losing his weekend averaging. It is like $170 that he loses if he takes both Saturday and Sunday off... But he did o/t on Friday so it would totally make up if he loses the $170.

I haven't done a lot this weekend. Picked my mum and step dad up from the airport yesterday. I have one sister and one brother but they don't do airport drives. Well not to pick mum up anyway, she goes away quite often. Today my in-laws come back from Sydney so if I need help at least family is home and around (well for a little bit, Nat's parents go away again on Friday till Tuesday next week!) I was so tired driving to the airport and really struggling but woke up as soon as mum rang to say the had landed... (LOL, it must have been the ringing tone of my phone...) I was asleep at 8.30pm last night which is quite rare but I think I am coming down with the flu so probably a good thing.

This morning I have done domestic duties. Yuck! Rearranged Nikki's room, vaccumed most of the house (left the rumpus room which is almost full of close airers), cooked a yummy stuffed mushroom for lunch and have attempted to make a casorole for dinner. Never made a cassorole before and it is cooking as I am typing. Nice and easy at least. No watching, stiring etc.

Best be off and try and get some DT stuff done whilst all the kids are asleep. Shock horror!


Sarah said...

ohhh No Poor Nat. You now if he has a doctors certificate saying his is unfit for work he is not covered by workcare if he goes in. Just thought i would let you know. That is the Officeworks chick coming out of me Sorry!!!!!!

i hope you dont come down with it as well...

Good luck with getting some scrappin done today. It is a day for it i must say.


Ros said...

Sarah, I know that and I told Nat (who also knows it) but he went anyway... I am hoping he comes home early... Definetly don't won't something to happen when your not covered my workcare.