Friday, May 05, 2006


I finished my frame for my brother's wedding this morning before work. It needs a photo (of my brother and SIL) on their wedding day but they aren't getting married till late November so this is how it will look for a while. It still needs the glass in it (Deb, can I pick that up at the next DT meeting?) and the backing but other than that all done. I was going to orginally use all KI Memories unconditional range, but the stripes made it too difficult. There was no way I could match up the paper with only 2 sheets. I needed 4 if I used the stripes!

Tried a side on pic to show a little dimension (ignore the shadow!)

I had my docotor's appointment today and my doctor is quite sure it is the pill that was making me that way. So, try out another one. Only like the 3rd different on in 6 months... I had been on the one I was on until today previously and had no problems. I have to keep a journal of how I am feeling to see how this pill affects me. That is going to be fun to remember. Need to keep a special notepad beside the bed for that... LOL and it will probably end up full of scrapping ideas and no details of how I was feeling daily!

I only worked this morning today as my doctor's appointment was early afternoon and then I had a chriopractors appointment as well. Can barely move my shoulder it is so tight, hoping will all ease off soon and I have to go and get the kids from childcare. Had a bit of a shop at Frankston, tried on some clothes for me as I need some desperately and of course nothing looked right so I gave up. I did make one purchase though. I brought myself a new mobile phone... Exciting for me as I have a company funded mobile and have never had a brand new phone before (and I have had one for nearly 7 years) so I finally got the phone I wanted. Hopefully dad will pay for it or else I will be claiming for it on my tax!

Gotta go and turn on the heater as it is freezing and I need to warm this house up for the kids (and me!)


Sarah said...

I am so glad the Doctor knows what is wrong with you. Hopefully you will start to feel a bit better in a few weeks. Love your frame. Looks great...... So did you get a pink phone??????? I want the new pink phone but i only just got one so i have to wait a bit longer for that one.LOL

Ros said...

LOL, Sarah... No I didn't get a pink phone. Shock horror, pink isn't my favourite colour. I used to say red and blue were but since I have been scrapping heaps, I have heaps of fav colours and fav colour combo's!

Wendy Treseder said...

Hey Ros,
Your frame lots fabulous, why spoil it with a photo? (joke)
I bought a new home phone the other day, unfortunately it is not very pretty (boo) but you can actually hear it ringing & listen to the messages on the answering machine too (amazing!). It's coolest feature is that it can send and receive SMS. (but WHY do they make machines so UGLY?)
I'm glad they think they have found what's wrong with you. Hope you start feeling better soon :D