Sunday, June 18, 2006


It’s been one of those days… The kids have been oh so delightful (not!) and one in particular! I have threatened that he couldn’t go to a friend’s birthday party this morning (not that I carried my threat out, I am not that mean to my kids or that rude to the host) but if it hasn’t been one thing, it is another. Josh wouldn’t sleep once we got home from the party, Nikki slept only for an hour and then to top it all off just then, they flooded the bathroom. Josh put a bowl in the sink and left the tap running and the bowl acted as a plug. It took me all the towels in the bathroom, ensuite and the tea towel to mop up the mess. Nikki was in her element though… Since she split water on the floor and I made her clean it up, if she has a bottle of water she spills it on purpose to clean it up!

I rang Nat to pick up take away for dinner as what I thought was the roast chicken in the freezer, was drumsticks. Too late to marinate them or cook a casserole now… Just another thing to top off the day (plus side is there will be no dishes for the sink, only the dishwasher and no cooking required by me!)

I took the kids to the local shops before looking for a fake flower and did you think I could find the one I was looking for? No, of course not. I wanted it so I could work on my masters stuff whilst Nat has booked the computer tonight to finish off his game (damm him) and he reckons it will only take 2 hours (ha is all I have to say about 2 hours!)

Off to sulk some more and try to get some craft happening whilst the kids are pleasantly watching Finding Nemo.

P.S. Just so everyone knows, I hate it when Nat works his 3 day weekends!


Sarah said...

I hope your Take away was nice.... have fun scrappin. At least there will be no distractions...LOL


Willisa said...

I so had one of those days too. :(

Fiona said...

At least the bathroom floor is clean for another week *grin*