Monday, June 19, 2006

Emily Falconbridge

I left a comment on Emily Falconbridges blog the other day about going to Boston and she replied... How cool is that! I love how free how work is (not that I can do it myself) but I am just rapted she replied... I called my SIL to share the news and her mobile is turned off! How dare she be in a meeting! LOL, so I had to post and share with you all.

so cool!!
you MUST find me and say hi, i will probably cry when i hear your accents!!!
i miss them so much.

i am from perth myself!

are you guys taking my class? if not, lets make sure we meet up...i'm sure i will be easy to spot (i am very tall, with dreadlocks!)

email me again closer to the time so we can hook up!

(and can you please bring me a pack of tim tams?? hehehe)

e xx

We were going to take tim tams and carmello (sp.) koalas over to give with our swaps so I am totally happy to get her some tim tams... I am going to request a card/tag from her for my rolodex.

I got an e-mail about my cards that are published and in the next issue I only have 3 cards but they take up 5 pages... How cool is that! They can restructure the magazine again... LOL, the last 3 issues I have had 5 pages in but some many more cards... Gotta love that, I just wish they paid quicker than 45 days after publication.

Dinners cooking and it probably needs some attention *giggle*


P.S. I got my fabric pack from Jen Hall today. Will finish my Drewie layout and share.

P.P.S. I got my Tarisota ribbons today too and no bills. Good mail day!


Sarah said...

She is a lovely girl Ros!!!!!!

Best you take her a few packs a TIM TAMS!!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!
A good mail day here too!!!!!!!

SAM ORDER OHHH Naughty girl.. LOL


Sarah said...

Forgot to add, What mag had your cards in it. BIG Congrats for that HUGE achievement..

Willis said...

Oh my god thats so exciting! I signed up for the BB class with her too!!

And a very very good mail day! Can't wait to see the 5 page spread in the mag, you clever chicken you!!