Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cleaning and Drewie!

My latest layout of my little man… I used Jen Hall’s sublime fabric pack and way too many alphas. A girl can never have enough can she? LOL…

I have had yet another clean up today (after working this morning, and on my day off too!). I cleaned up a little in the study. You can now see the main computer desk, LOL and I can probably scrap on it when doing online classes. See below.

Lately I am dropping off garbage bags of stuff at the local brotherhood bin like there is no tomorrow. Up to 5 plus one huge nappy bag so far. I brought some space bags the other day and organised the baby clothes some more (and decreased the amount even more too). Space bags are good but not without the hassles of the suction thingie going up the vacuum cleaner. At least my vacuum has a nice empty clean bag in it now.

It must be the season for online classes. Next week I am doing Emily Falconbridge’s one on BB, Karen Ridgeway’s doodling one and then in July I am doing 2 Kim Archer ones. One on the first week (I think) and the other on the 3rd week… So exciting. Not the best way to be getting your masters entry done, but we need a distraction and something less stressful at times don’t we?

Also, can anyone explain why brilliant ideas that must be worked on there and then always happen to me at 9.45pm! It is like the time I really should be packing up and getting things ready before going to bed. Nah uh, that is when I tend to be most productive. When I am really tired and it is getting later and later.

My cards are published in Creative Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine. It is a 3 monthly (can’t think of the correct word…) magazine for those that asked.

Best be off. Just re printed a photo for my single, changed my mind (yet again) on how it was happening.

Cheers All,

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Sarah said...

I have boxes and boxes of clothes out in the shed. I really need to get out there and sort them as well. Most is newborn stuff i really need to give away....

Good luck with your masters