Friday, June 23, 2006

Not a lot...

The counter is nearly at a 1,000 hits... Woo hoo... (It is at the very bottom of my blog if anyone is wondering.)

Nat and I went for a drive last night to Narre Warren to see if we could get some Krispy Kremem doughnuts... Who were we kidding? They had police blocking off a section of the 'road' in the shopping centre, a hug marquee filled with bodies and a line that was snaking around forever! And we saw all of this from the car on the Narre Warren - Cranbourne road. I told they kids we were going to get doughnuts so we had to stop off at Coles and get them some. Josh thought he had been a naughty boy because he wasn't getting any doughnuts... How could we not resist. Has he got us all figured out or what? LOL!

I only worked half a day today (and have wasted the other half) doing not a lot. Went out for lunch with Nat to the Cove in Patternson Lakes. I have a lamb shank rissotto (sp.) and it was yummy! (Or nummy as Josh said to Drew last night when he was feeding him whilst I cooked dinner. "Is it nummy, Drewie?")

I have my girlfriends from high school (and their partners) coming over for dinner tomorrow night so tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and cooking and aiming for the kids to not make too much mess. I am going to start cooking some of the desserts tonight so make it easier (and less mess to clean up tomorrow). I can't really start cleaning much around here with the kids coming in and making a mess all the time (well they are kids!) but I did do the study and Nikki's room on Wednesday (at least that was a productive day!)

Hope you all have a good weekend. I am really stiff at the moment, not long back from the chriopractor and I can barely more some sections of my lower back etc... Ouch... Off some a nice long hot and peaceful shower (kids at childcare.)


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Sarah said...

So what is for Desert Krispy Cremes...LOL.. Sorry had to do it!!!!

Seriously hope you have FUN tommorrow night. I am sure your meal will be wonderful and your house will be neat , clean and tidy. Don't stress, just relax and have fun!!!