Sunday, June 25, 2006

A nite with friends....

Dot points post... Too tired to write properly!

- Had a good night with my high school friends and their partners though. Quite tired by the end of it all as I had spent the whole day cooking and cleaning.

- Kids were well behaved all day and nite *bonus*

- Some photos of Josh and Nikki taken yesterday. Josh being silly (photo taken from inside) and Nikki being her typical grotty self.

- Took some photos of the girls (none of the babies or partners) and Nat took some group ones.

- Unhappy with photos Nat took. Looked alright lighting wise on the camera, too dark on the computer.

- Disappointed as they were for my masters entry. At this rate, won't be entering yet again.

- Nat got some work done outsite yesterday and today. Putting seat on top of retaining wall. Progress, definetly good. Slow going though, retaining wall been up for 2.5 years.

Going now, cranky re photos. Best left to stew over.

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