Thursday, June 01, 2006


Impatiently waiting here at the computer for 10am to click over… Registration for CKU-M Boston goes on sale (is that the right word) at 8pm EST US (10am Melbourne time.) Sort of organized, I have picked my 6 classes and 2 spares in case I don’t get in to the ones I want, credit card sitting here next to me (and last time I checked the dollar was 76c US, yay!) and most of all I have my MIL baby sitting the kids so I can do this uninterrupted and with no distractions!

Now, just back to playing the waiting game…. 6 minutes to go and counting. As this is the only CKU-M this year, I am guessing it will be pretty quick to fill up. I just hope that I get a spot. Flights are already booked to get to NY. Could always go to the Mall of America instead… would be good fun, but not the same.

Even have my password organized, LOL, just hope I remember to use the right e-mail address as it is my older one… 4 minutes to go and counting… So exciting! Would you believe I even managed a mini sleep in this morning? Nat was on night shift and came home and dealt with the kids so I could stay in bed longer. I guess he wants me to return the favour tomorrow and take Josh and Nikki to childcare on my own… Hmmmm, have the think about that one as he will be having a sleep in Saturday as well as he is back at work on Saturday night… Less than 2 minutes to go now so I will be back with my exciting news (for me) about what classes I will be doing.

Okay so now I am back to finish this post, hours later. I got all the classes I wanted (will list them in a minute) but we can’t get into the hotel where the convention is being held. We are on a waiting list for that. I so hope we get a room there. Hindsight, we should have booked the room first ages ago but we wanted to make sure we were getting into CKU.

The classes I will be doing are

A window into my world, taught by Margie Romney-Aslett, sponsored by Making Memories
(playing with ribbon making interactive stuff…)
A pocket full of memories, taught by Lisa Bearnson, sponsored by Creating Keepakes
(a double layout with heaps of pockets for a year in review)
A walk around the block, taught by Margie Romney-Aslett, sponsored by Making Memories
(making home décor blocks!)
Magnetic friendship, taught by Shauna Butler, sponsored by Provo Craft
(making a hidden magnet board)
Envelope books, taught by Jennifer Straus, sponsored by Around the Block and Therm O Web
(making an envelope book with unique binding and construction and have hidden pockets for
addition journaling, photos and pull-outs)
Pocket sized scrapbooks, taught by Marjie Johns, sponsored by Hot Off the Press
(sarabinder mini album with loads of cool techniques etc.)

So there is my list of classes. I can’t wait now… Bring on August but not to quick, I still want to celebrate my birthday. LOL!

Photos of cards and presents tomorrow when I am not doing a half happy dance around the house (only half because haven’t got the room we want yet!)


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Cindy said...

Lucky you ! How great that you got your classes :)