Monday, June 12, 2006

Keyboard and children don't mix!

I just typed a post and Josh came along and pressed buttons on the keyboard and deleted it... Little bugger!

Heres the upload I had on the previous post! And I can't be bothered retyping all the other stuff now...



Sarah said...

I have just completed a layout using the exact same paper. BUT mine is a class so i cant show. Sorry!!!!!!!

I know about the kids and keyboard so bad. Harrsion always wants to be on here as soon as i get on....

I had a naughty shop more than you i must admit.. LOL


Ros said...

LOL, how funny is that Sarah! Once the class is complete you will have to show me!

Kim said...

Love the LO Ros, cute photo.
I too can't wait for the Heidi stamps, I think I want one of everything LOL. As for the Heidi Iron......I have one, have had it for about 2 months and it is Oh so cute. Got mine from the States, my understanding is they are taking a while to get out here because of the cord/power issues. They are not here yet and you can only pre order on Scrapbooks and More. I use mine with an adapter and it works fine.
Enjoy your week,