Sunday, June 11, 2006


I got the first Heidi Swapp newsletter yesterday morning… And it mentioned the stamps I was so in the know about last night (normally I am the last to know things!) Here is the address for those that weren’t sent it

Sarah, as for that “silly” Heidi Swapp iron. I so want one of those as well. When I was ironing the letter onto a layout that is not finished yet (waiting on fabric) I browned the letter (and a white letter at that!) I am convinced if I had the Heidi Swapp iron, it wouldn’t have happened. It is way smaller and just a must have! Waiting on SAM to get some more as I don’t know anyone else that has them…. Still waiting and it feels as if it has been forever.

Not a lot has been happening here. Very little scrapping. I finished off a layout last night but it isn’t bright enough to take a photo of and is too bumpy to scan. Nat has gone away for the long weekend with my brother, shooting… I don’t get it but anyhow. I have Nat’s mum staying with me, which is a great help. Not only an adult to talk to but someone to help with the kids.

Went to Paper2 today and it is a miracle, I only spent $3.35! Marion laughed at me when I told her (she stayed in the car as the boys were asleep). I brought a MM monogram “r” Still undecided if I am entering the Masters or not. Collecting things at least. Though of an idea for my single but still need to think of something for the double.

Stalking Jen Hall’s blog today to see when she will be releasing her fabric packs to match popular pattern papers. So far, no update and I hope I don’t miss it. She is only selling 10 or so (I think).

Best be off to check it out again!Ros

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Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
I am off to paper2 tommorrow. I need these stencils things. they are just great. Good luck if you enter the Masters. I am thinking but still a bit unsure.
I am glas your MIL is helping you out, must be a relief for you. I am hoping to scrap a little bit tonight, see how i go..