Friday, June 09, 2006


I was reading Elsie Flannigans blog the other day (thanks Sarah for this tip) and she is photography at CKU in Boston... Yay... Now Fiona, take note, I want a photo with me and Elsie!

I was doing some more blog reading today (as I do when I am waiting on product to scrap with) and I saw this! Heidi Swapp has some new stamps... I wonder if they will come to Aus and what else there might be?
More new stuff...

Anyway, moving along... So annoying, I have this idea in my head for a layout (I have even sketched it) and now I am waiting on an order and of course what I must use is in the order... Can't work around it either or else it won't be what I am planning etc.

Gotta fly, Drew is cracking it and it is me and the kids tonight. Nat is on his last night of nightshift but is going away for the next 2 nights.... Sigh.... A decent nights sleep would be good!



Will said...

How cool do those stamps look!! And I so know what you mean, I have a layout in my head but I'm waiting on my SAM order!! ARGH!!!

Sarah said...

I am waiting on SAM order as well.. Ohh dear budget blown right out but so worth the discount!!!! LOL.... I am so excited for you, can i come too CKU too LOL.. Yes i too adore those Heidi Swapp stamps, however i still want that silly little iron.. Bring it on !!!!! LOL