Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A post with created stuff!

Since blogger is playing nice and letting me upload today, here are my latest (except for the one I did last night) things to share... Sorry about the scan for the Slugger layout but by the time I finished the layout it was to late to take decent photos, and now I can be bothered since I scanned it. Terrible circle I have happening here... Slugger is my 2nd layout about Nat (shock horror, the first one was earlier this year) from when Nat was playing softball for the Under 16’s Victorian team in Perth 1994 (he played for a few years, just this particular year he was vice captain). That is what the journaling says running alongside the photo.

I made this card for Will last week and the layout I gave my SIL with her 7gypsies clipboard frame (which she loved!). I am soooo in love with the Flair Designs happy birthday paper lately. I have had it forever and have been stock piling it. (Whilst I am still buying new supplies I am trying not to hoard things and not use them.) I love this photo of my SIL and her son, (photo taken Easter Sunday) it is so rare to get a real smile out of Callum anytime but to have one (on the camera) with Kris in the photo too, definitely an extra special pic then.

It may seem weird but I never call Callum ‘my nephew’ he is always Nat’s nephew. LOL, I just put it done to Callum being born before I was on the scene and I am not comfortable saying anything else. He never used to call my Aunty Ros until our engagement party but has only said it a few times since then. I don’t tend to encourage it as for the above reasons. I guess it is a bit like my dad wanting my children to call his partner “Grandma Lee, Jenny or Maggie” as he has had 3 partners since Josh was born. I don’t encourage them to call his partner Grandma … as one never knows how long his relationships will last.

Now, onto something totally different….

Isn't it so good when you manage to lose weight after ages? I have finally lost 4 kilos (I am now at my lowest weight since having children) and what makes it even better is when someone you don't see very often notices! Just a little something to make you smile. I am rapt I have lost 4 kilos, would like to lose at least 1.5 kilos more but be so happy with losing 6.5 kilos. I would then be my pre-baby weight but I don't know if that is going to happen at all, or anytime soon. Need to do some excercise for that first! LOL, so far I have managed to lose weight by cutting back on my snacking and eating smaller meals and eating 'treats' like cake with a spoon or a fork to make it last longer and be more enjoyable.

Day off tomorrow and hopefully a sleep in as it is Nat's day to take the kids to childcare and mine to sleep in. Will be interesting if it happens though as Nat said he would do it as long as I got their clothes ready... So organised (and wanting the sleep in) I did it before I left for work this morning.

Off to do some surfing.

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fiona said...

Hey Ros,

The LO's look great - love the Slugger lettering.

Wow - I really need to get some work done *grin* - maybe this weekend.