Monday, June 05, 2006

Seaport Hotel... YAY

What a good day... Not only is my mum having Josh today and overnight again but I managed to book a hotel room at the Seaport hotel (where CKU-M is being held) when all the rooms were booked out. Someone left a suggestion on the message board and boy god I am so glad they did. It is not only cheaper than the other hotel we were looking at but it is exactly where the convention is.... So happy about that as it means we no longer have to cart our whole days worth of stuff around and can leave it in our room!

Blogger refuses to play nice and will only let me upload one pic. This is the birthday card I made for my SIL. Nice and simple one (I had half started, YAY!) Found it during my clean up.... Gotta love that when it happens.

Sarah… Nat works day shift for 2 weeks, then night shift for 2 weeks. He works Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday, 6 till 6. Either am or pm depending on the fortnight. The in between days are his time off and weekends… Anytime you want to get together for a play day is great. The kids are in childcare on Wednesdays and Fridays and I usually work on Tuesdays and Fridays (but that is totally flexible both days!)

Gotta go and do some blog surfing before I am off to make some birthday cards and maybe attemp a layout during Desperate Housewives and Commander in Chief.


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Sarah said...

so it looks like Thursday is a good day. Maybe next week. I am still unwell so i will need this Thursday to recoup still. Whoo HOO.. I will onlt have the Harry boy cause Beks will be at School

OK chat soon