Sunday, June 04, 2006


I did a DT layout last night (Slugger) that was a struggle to begin with. We could only use our assigned product and 3 other products… Really hard I tell you. I am quite happy how it worked out considering I was struggling with my assigned product which is Sandylion stickers (boy did I have a whine about it during the meeting, ask any of the girls! LOL!!!). Now that I have finished Slugger, I have a few more ideas for the stickers. If I get time, I will get creating some more.

I haven’t done a lot today or yesterday. On Saturday. I had my dad stop over for me to take photos of his car he is selling (Holden Statesman, V8 1996 model) and for me to put an ad on Nat is on nightshift again tonight. The kids aren’t as whining as they were yesterday (it was all day long.) Just after Nat left last night, I was getting some cooking ingredients out of the pantry and Nikki somehow broke my last bottle of wine (my favourite one too!) Not a good way to start the evening once Daddy had left for work. I sat the older two kids at the bench whilst I cleaned up all the broken glass and wine and then moped the floor. Thank goodness dinner was already made (and cooking) as once Nikki had finished eating dinner it was off to bed… (I bathed the kids earlier on today which helped as well!)

Josh was supposed to be going to my MIL’s today as I had such a bad day with the kids yesterday and my mood swings. I thought it would make tonight so much easier if I only dealt with 2 children during the day not 3. I told my MIL I didn’t mind which child she had (as the above mentioned reason) but she doesn’t want me to drop Josh off until 10.30 – 10.45. Not exactly the time I had in mind (to drop Josh off) as how is that helping me when it is Nikki’s nap time and to drive 30 minutes each way. Half a days break doesn’t seem worth it. I spoke to my mum and she was going to have Josh one night when Nat was on his nightshift weekend so is having him tonight to help out.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the help, but when I asked my MIL, I was getting the ummmm, ahhhh, we’ve got Callum and Kris will be picking him up around 11… response made me wish I hadn’t asked and tried battling through it on my own.

I went to bed early last night and have spent part of today feeling crappy. I feel as I did when I had the muscular skeletal thing in April. Trying to take it easy and having panadine for the pain. If it gets worse, I will have to go see someone about it. Not sure if it is my next causing the problems too (I think it is out.)

Nikki is at the bench eating an early dinner and I think she is ready for her Macca’s sundae (special treat as Josh went to Nannas). Sorry this is soooo long. If you are still reading this, good on you! I will try to keep it short next time like the previous post.


P.S. I would have uploaded my slugger layout and pics of the cards and layouts I did this week but blogger is so not playing nice!

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Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
Dont get sick now. There are some bad flus at the moment. Has the pill helped with your mood swings yet!!!. Any Sunday Nat is on nightshift, I can comeover with my kids for a play if you want. At last it will keep them occupied, if you know what i mean. I think they would all get on very well.. Anyways just a thought. Take care of yourself..