Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random bits and pieces

I just ordered a mini iron (Heidi Swapp) at SAM. I hope I get it and they aren't sold out by the time my order is processed. I sooo need it so I won't burn my iron ons again (that is what I am telling myself anyway!) I am guessing it won't heat up as much either compared to my normal iron.

Progress is going good on my masters (well today anyway). I have finished my monogram and am about to start working on the single once all the kiddies are asleep. Photos for the double were posted yesterday or today so hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.

Going to get a white gel pen in the morning for my class on Thursday night. Can't doodle without it. I have a white gel pen, but it is crappy. Stop start stop start. Get the picture?

My Emily Falconbridge class has been moved from Wednesday to Friday night, good but bad. Means I have more time to shop and scrap tomorrow with no kids, but means I will be up late after stocktake doing a class. Runs from 9-11pm! Two classes, two nights in a row. I asked Nat for permission before having to re-book. Not 100% happy (Nat) but it is not like I would be watching Lost or 24 with him anyway.

Worked today for a small amount of time, left early to come home and sleep. The boys were up playing at 4.30am. What is wrong with their body clocks?? I also had a huge headache that didn't go away until 4pm and didn't want it to turn into a migrane (sp.) especially with Nat starting night shift tonight.


P.S Congrats to Robyn Kyle for her A-Z winning entry. Awesome work and Sarah always did say her work was a winner.

P.P.S Sarah, are you physic? LOL... Predict the masters winners please so I know whether to bother or not! LOL!


Sarah said...

I wish i new who will win... Good luck Ros!!!!!!! It is so good about Robyn. I was hysterical when she told us all. I can't believe she kept it a secret for all that time. I would have busted for sure.. Her album IRL is seriously so good, you will have to pop in and see it.....
Good luck with your entry. i am not entering just too lazy i suppose LOL


Will said...

Well I guess I'll "see" you in the class on Friday.

I'm going to pop into Crop night before hand so if you need anything last minute ring me!

BTW where are you getting your new gel pen from? I've only got a Souffle one, and it's too thick!