Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Just found out that some of my high school friends check my blog out. Leave a comment guys so I can acknowledge you instead of lurking and me having no idea… Same goes for those of you that aren’t my high school friends.

Josh just ran into the study and said “I show your freendz mummy… Come on, I show you!”
He took me to the table in the kitchen where I have some scrapping stuff and said “look mum, your freendz”

How cute that he recognises my high school ‘freendz’ and that he has to show me… LOL, on Sunday he asked me if my ‘freendz’ were coming again? I think he had fun, especially being allowed to stay up till late when Nikki and Drew were in bed.

I went to Scraptacular today and the thing I went there for (it was behind the counter for me) I forgot to pick up! I even looked at the item in the store and said to myself, mine is behind the counter! How dopey am I? I didn’t realise until I was on the freeway home (which is more than half way home) so I called them up and they are going to post it out (express) as I need it for Karen Ridgeway’s doodling class tomorrow night. I checked out Robyn’s album whilst she was there and it is amazing. So much work put into it. It looks absolutely awesome!

I am finished my single for the masters today. Like it much better than my monogram. Might have a think about it (monogram) some more. Need to get started on my BTP. Picked up some things for it today whilst running errands. Nothing beats doing that alone without kids whining!

Hopefully my boys sleep better tonight. Drew didn’t settle until 9.45pm last night after falling asleep in my arms 6 times but waking up every time I put him in the cot. Josh wouldn’t stay in bed and I let him fall asleep in my bed because it was hard dealing with boys on my own.

Big news, well for me. I think Miss Nikki is ready for toilet training (unfortunately it is winter!) She did a pooh on the toilet this morning and then a wee tonight when she was wearing her big girl knickers (she was so proud to be a big girl!) All day at childcare apparently she spent a fair portion of it watching the kids sitting on the toilet.

Drewie is asleep right now, he fell asleep sitting up in the kitchen on the tiled floor. LOL, was quite funning watching him rock forward and backwards. I would have taken a photo of him (and Nikki in her big girl undies) but Nat took the camera to work tonight.



Sarah said...

How cute is your boy!!!!!!! And Miss Nicki already toilet training send her round to train my big three year old boy please.... still no luck......

Good luck with your Masters and what a shame i wasn't working today i could have done a home delivery for you..LOL..


Fiona said...

Go Miss Nikki in her big girl undies - hugs and kisses and raspberries from me please - oh for all of them please *grin*