Friday, June 30, 2006

Magazine and workshops...

I got a new magazine on Wednesday, well I already had this copy (as I brought it at the newsagency). But look at the state it is in when I received it. It wasn’t even encased in plastic. I e-mailed the company and I hope they do something about it. I don’t pay good money for a subscription to be treated like dirt, just because I am in Australia. Edited to add: still waiting on hearing from the mag. company

Last night I had my doodling workshop with Karen Ridgeway and it is way easier than it looks. My page isn't finished yet, I have some hand sewing and beading to work on still. Hopefully, I will get it done today but I don't like my chances of taking a photo of it till tomorrow. Edited to add: Layout all finished now and I am late for work... Opps

I have a full day of stocktaking today (does anyone else know how painful it is to count hardware like, nuts, bolts and screws? Each individual tiny little one! God, it sucks. I hate stocktake.)

On a positive note to the end of the day I have my Emily Falconbridge class at tonight. Going to be yet another late one for me. The class runs from 9 - 11pm... After getting up at 5.45am to the kids this morning, uhhh I will be a little tired and cranky. Good thing it is an online class.

It is a week of firsts for Miss Nikki. First it was pooh on the toilet and wearing big girl undies sometimes but not it is a big girl bed! She had been crying after finishing her milk the last couple of days and we couldn't figure out why. She is really good settling and going to sleep. Yesterday she went to the bed and wanted to hop in and when I asked her she said "yup" in true Nikki fashion. Not one to do things by halves she now has 2 beds in her room (compared to a bed and a cot) and Drew is in the cot in Josh's room. Drew slept well in his big cot (was in a porter cot in our room) so great progress happening here this week.

Gotta go to work but going to sneak in 10 minutes of scrapbooking!

See ya!

P.S. How could I forget, I got Krispy Kremes! Nat got them yesterday on the way home from work... So yummy and I think I like the normal ones best so far. Haven't tried many of the assorted pack Nat brought but have screwed my nose up at a lot of them.


Fiona said...

wow! Krispy Kremes!!!!!! What sort can you get? hmmm the possibilities........

Go Miss Nikki - big girl knickers and a big bed! I loved the 'yup'- she certainly knows what she wants *grin*

Looking forward to seeing the LO you started last night - and whatever yuo are going to be doing tonight.


Will said...

Yummy! I'm glad to hear the Krispy Kremes are good afterall! Did Nat have to wait??

Nikki is doing soooo much better then Mati, no progress since last week on the toliet training front. Nikki is So So Clever!!

Bugger about the mag, that sucks! I hope you get a free sub for a year!!! *wishful thinking me thinks ;)*

How much fun was last night!!! I so love mine, it's not finished yet, Need Misunderstood rub ons for on on the cover (which I've added too!) so I'll finish it when I get home!

I'm at the shop today if you manage to escape!