Monday, July 24, 2006

Forgot some pressies!

I totally forgot to list the pressies I got off Nat's family. Off his parents I got some scrapping stuff (mainly maya road) with a few other goodies including some Provo Craft foam stamps. Gotta love it when people give you things that relate you your hobbies! Nat's sister and nephew gave me money for Ikea and Nat's other sister is giving me money to spend at a scrapbook store in the US.

Heading back to bed again (my favourite place of late!)



Sarah said...

ROS!!!! you have to get better, not long to the USA!!!!!!

If you need me for anything just call.. I am so sorry for the pushing you to update i seriously didn't know you were sick..

Get Better soon

willisa said...

I echo Sarah! GET BETTER!!! We need you at your peak so you can come home and recount every tiny detail!!! :)