Thursday, July 27, 2006

Catch up

My little Drewie is cruising! He started today... Woo hoo... It beats him pulling himself up on anything (including me) if you stand still for 5 seconds! Can get a little annoying when you are rushing around doing something like cooking dinner and everyone else is whinging!

I am feeling a little bit better now. I had a really good day yesterday but this morning I couldn't move again and felt so sluggish. I seem to get better as the day goes on but in the mornings I am just plain crap!

I have started my CKU rolodex swaps. Quite simple but I am happy with them. They are envelopes, only I plan on putting the envelope flap on the back of them (when I have finished them all) except I am unsure if I should just put it on the reverse side, same orientation as the front or if I should reverse it. They are being made for the rolodex's and if you use one of the spining ones, it is going to look wrong. Well, it will long wrong either way for some people depending on how they are planing on storing theirs.

Made an attempt at a wedding layout for the SC call. Don't like the way "Boyd" is but then it is already the second time I have done it and I am so over it! Simple layouts aren't supposed to take long... Yeah right, not this one. I messed around with it forever and am still annoyed at it. LOL, annoyed at a layout, totally!

I have nearly finished my 3 family EDM layouts. Well, I had finished last night but decided that my double needed something else. I have planned my 3 snapshot pags but need to get started on those too (even printed the photos too!)

Also in my spirit of getting organised I even printed out my tickets for my flights to New York and Boston and rang up about travel insurance. Worked out what I need for my classes at CKU (just need to find some photos). Been so good today, I washed (and hung it all outside, clothes now dry) and even folded and sorted AND put away all the washing (about 3 loads worth...) Woo hoo, I also got childcare clothes ready for tomorrow and pj's etc. ready for baths tonight.

Best go and find out what Nikki is crying about... Damm, it was nice and peaceful, her crying is shattering the tranquil thoughts I was having! Ha ha ha!


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