Sunday, July 30, 2006


I hate nightshift! Nat is on his second night of the weekend and things just couldn't get any worse. Well, that is how they feel at the moment... I just got Josh off into bed and Drew starts up crying and carrying on [he has diahorrea (sp.)] and then I am trying to juggle Drew in the pram and do some online stuff and I hear this cough come from Nikki's room. It is that cough that all you mothers will recongnise (sp.) as the vomit cough. Sure enough, I get into Nikki's room and she has vomited. Neither bed in her room has a mattress protector on it (great!) and then there is all the chucky stuff to deal with and Drew is still carrying on! Sheets etc. in the washing machine, Nikki resettled in the other bed (for now) and Drew is playing in the lounge room. It really sucks when you are the only one at home dealing with all the mess and there is problems with one kid after another.

Off to try and get something done other than rocking Drew to sleep (to have him wake up in the cot 5 seconds later), washing, putting a nappy on Josh who took it off before he feel asleep etc. So not a good night.... Ohhh and to top that off, there is talk at Nat's work that they may go to permenant days or nights. The guy on the opposite shift to Nat is the team leader so he will take days so that leaves Nat with... nights! Ahhhhhhh



Willisa said...

Night shift does suck! Chin up hun, you're doing a great job! Hope Nikki and Drewie are feeling better today! We're home from sleep school Cos Lottie now has an ear infection (doh!) so I might just see you tonight afterall!

Sarah said...

OHHHH not permanent night shift!!!!! BUggerr!!!!!!
i hope the kids are feeling better today ... and you for that matter, there is nothing worse than cleaning chunky spew...