Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well Nikki is better now (thank goodness) but the boys had there own case of it the following day. Josh was far worse than Drewie but is on the mend hopefully. I think he is getting his 2 year old molars as he had really high tempatures last night... So high, that I nearly had to take him to the hospital! 40.3! I know it seems really odd to get such a high temp. from teething but that is what Joshie has always done.

Guess where I will be in 2 weeks time! I cannot believe I will be in New York in 2 weeks. Getting so excited and a little frazzled thinking about things I need to pack, extra work I have to do at work, organising the kids a little (even though I said I wouldn't!) etc. Still can't wait though. I have been working in my rolodex swaps (only made half of them so far! Yikes!) but am having issues about doing something or not. I would upload the pic, but blogger doesn't want to play nice!

Off to work this afternoon (on my day off and all) but it is only a taste of the next few weeks to come. I think I need to head back to bed. I was up till 12.30 watching tv and then I was supposed to have my sleep in but Nat made me some breakie... Awake after eating that... No fair, but a nice treat! (Only wish he would clean the mess up in the kitchen now!)


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