Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rolodex swaps

Blogger is playing nice now! Yay... These are my rolodex cards for CKU. Very simple but they take a while I tell you. I still have another 50 to make....

At the moment, I am unsure where to put the tin can mail stamp on all of them. I like the look, but not the wording. I'd really love to have an Aus mail stamp to use, but that is not happening and to make my own, would take me forever. I need some opinions... Does it look okay with it or should I leave it off?




Katie Toland said...

OK I'm a bit jealous here! Not sure what it would look like, but just a suggestion ~ what about slapping the stamp on so the circle bit is partly off the page, or maybe only really lightly inking the 'tin can' bit?

Have a great time - I'll have to stalk your blog to catch up on the goss when you get back. Don't go getting jet lag, and any crazy ideas about sleeping... we'll want updates LOL!

fiona said...

They look great Ros!

Sarah said...

very cute Ros!!!!!!!

I am soooo jealous chick. i hope you have a ball... hope the kids are feeling much better

take care