Friday, August 04, 2006

Ticked off!

I am slowly getting organised for my trip overseas (had world roaming connected onto my mobile today) but feel as if things are getting so hard to organise at home! I am not supposed to be organising anything especially the care of the children but it seems as if I am doing the bulk of it.

I do have one beef regarding my trip and that is my MIL. She offered to mind the children the entire time while I am away. Well, that was in the begining. I leave on the 16th and return on the 29th. My MIL has booked a quilting weekend from the 18th - 21st, has a must attend meeting on the 28th and said that since my mum minds the children on tuesdays she can do that whilst I am away as well.
I don't mind my MIL asking my mum for help if she feels she will be overwhelmed with the kids for 13 days but if that is the case, say so, don't go making other plans so you aren't around etc.

The kids are in childcare for 4 days while I am away so that brings the number of days from 13 down to 9, less the 4 days whilst she is at the quilting weekend (5 days), less the Tuesday mum normally minds the kids (down to 4 days). My mum is helping mind the kids while my MIL is away as Nat has some of the time off work and a boys night on the Saturday night but ahhhhh... When we went away in April to QLD my mum had the kids the entire time. No complaints (well except for the lack of sleep, LOL!) and no changes! DH is going to ring my MIL up and have a go at her and is considering telling her not to bother helping!

More venting, we pay for the kids to be in childcare 2 days a week (at a significant cost of my wage mind you) and my MIL will only look after the kids if we ask. Never offer to have them if I am struggling, stressed, sick etc. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining totally I just wish that my MIL would help us out more. More like what she does for my SIL. My SIL is a single mum of a 7 year old boy and since Nat and I have been together for nearly 6 years, my MIL has had her grandson one night a week so my SIL can have a night off and a sleep in. I know I have a partner and am not a single mother, but with a partner who does shift work (12 hour shifts at that) there are times when I need more me time than normal (and a sleep in).

Enough venting for now.


Sarah said...

ROS!!!!!! I am hearing you. Let me know if you need help while you are away. If i am on a day off i can help out if you need it... Let me know. You seriously don't need this at all. Not fair!!!!!!!

Rebekah has had one sleep over at my Mum's and Harrison has never ever been looked after by her not even during the day. Believe me i know how frustrated you are...I am not even going there with my MIL....

Cindy said...

I hope you sort it out Ros... Let me just say I can totally sympathise. Hope you have a great trip away !

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you consult with your mil when you and your partner decided to have your three children and ask her did she promise to help you bring them up, hasnt she done her child rearing with her own kids , we all love our grandchildren, but who says she has to give up her life so that you can have one in the USA , aren,t they your kids not hers!!!!!!

Karen said...

I cannot complain about either my mother or MIL looking after my children when they were younger and I worked around their commitments. But to offer to look after them the entire time - which I am sure was organised before you booked your trip - then to want to change all the arrangements around seems unreasonable to me. You would have then made other arrangements to suit.