Saturday, July 08, 2006

Geese Louise!

- I found out the cost for Melbourne ISC today and it is crazy! $550 for 6 classes and a few other things... I was going but not for $550! CKU Boston is cheaper than that even converted into AUD! I would like to do a Kerrin Quall class though...

- I can’t believe I forgot to the other day that I received my layout from Jen Hall that she did off Drew for a photo swap (which I still haven’t received her photos to scrap!) I also got this cute little create journal… It was a good mail day along with the Aussie CK. Just what I need some new reading material! *Grin* (Blogger won't let me post this pic so next time!)

- Does anyone know of a good hairdresser? I’d love to find a good one as I am forever putting off having my hair cut… Plus I am so boring with my hair, I need a change but don’t have a lot of time to do my hair each day… Sounds like it will just go round and round in circles doesn’t it?

I haven't been doing a lot since my last post.
- No mum's group this week with Drew being a little yucky (maybe a slight touch of gastro, all better now). Nat had a touch of it too but he is better now. He worked 2 hours Thursday night and was home last night (yay!)

- I worked on Friday and still have more stocktake to do. Went to the optomistrist (sp.) after work and got my eyes tested. No change but need new glasses as Nikki "helped" my last pair by twisting them and they are now crooked!

- Went shopping this morning with my sister, Nikki and Drew. Got the rest of Josh's birthday present and looked for a top for my birthday dinner. Found 2 I liked but one was the wrong colour and the other is short sleeved. Can't believe summer stuff is out in the shops all ready. Crazy!

- Started thinking about my EDM comp. entry. Planing my first page and keep on changing my mind.

- Working on my DT layout for the month (8 x 8) and doing a bit of hand stitching.... Crazy girl I am... Hand is aching from all the piercing of the paper...

- Josh is having a sleepover at Aunty Didi's tonight. Picking him up mid morning so nice to not have him crawl into bed with me in the morning or wake me up requesting milk (or mulk as Nikki calls it.)

- Nikki's quote of the day "I want chocolate!" Gee she is only 20 months! Ohhh and her favourite word for the day (may as well be the week, month and year, I am so sick of hearing it!) No, no, no, NO! At the shops she was saying "no" to everything we showed her including pretty glittery 'big girl' undies and fairy outfits! The only things she liked were clothes at Best and Less.

- Josh's perfect manners for the day... "Excuse me, mummy..." Whilst I was talking with my sister. Gotta love that sweet comment.

Enough of my dotty point post for the day.


Willisa said...

You HAVE to come to ISC! It wont be the same with out you!!!!

And yes, I know a good hairdresser, my girlfriend Mel is a hairdresser and is now working from home since she just have her beautiful baby Rhania. I'm heading over this week for a haircut!

Nikki and Mati would get along so well! I have a such a chocoholic too! And Yey for Josh's manners, so sweet!!

Fiona said...


I love a irl who knows what she wants *grin* Did Josh go through the no stage?


NuttyScrapper said...

Don't blame Louise lol

Amy Bland said...

Hi Ros,
I go to a hairdresser named Adrian who works at "The Firm" in Frankston, it is just outside the shopping centre. He does an excellent cut and loves to do colours, however he does spend about 3 hours all up doing it all, so will only work if you can find someone to watch the kids.
The best bit is being male he NEVER gets pregnant and leaves like all my other hairdressers have done in the past.
Gotta run,
Amy :-)