Sunday, July 09, 2006

Doing Happy Dance!

Doing a little happy dance here right now. I have finished my stocktake. Not only do I get to count the stock, I have to enter it all into a spreadsheet and work out how much $ stock we have, but then compare it with what MYOB thinks we have and make not of the differences and if the computer is higher or lower! Grrrr, and it all takes bloody forever and is boring! My fault, in a way. Over 5 years ago I put the stocktake onto a spreadsheet and since then my dad has never done it and I have done it. It was to save him time... Not meant to me he wouldn't do it at all! I wish my dad would hurry up and find the letters on the keyboard better (LOL) and he could then do it all himself!

Back to doing the happy dance now that I have finished explaining about all that! In a good mood now I am finished only I have a sore throat. I have been yelling at the kids to get out of the study (where I was working) and leave mummy alone... Why do they leave Nat alone who is outside working and was inside watching dvd's this morning when I went to pick up Josh and run errands? Oh yeah, and the other 2 slept! Always the way, I leave him home with a child/ren and they sleep for him, never for me when he has one of them!

Fiona, in response to your comment in the last post about did Josh go through a “NO” stage?
He is still bloody well going through it! LOL, not as bad as Nikki and obviously where she learnt it from… Heres hoping that they will both grow out of it soon!

Blogger still isn't playing nice so I can't upload the pic of my create journal that Jen Hall did for me... Sucky blogger. Off to do some handstitching on my DT layout. Got some new cotton for it whilst doing errands this morning and colour looks a lot better!


P.S. I went past Krispy Kreme this morning about 10.30am and the like was out the door and already making the turn around the barriers set up, and I couldn't even see where the drive thru que ended! I can't believe everyone hasn't had their share yet... Probably have and have gone back for more. LOL!


Fiona said...

Just wait until Drew starts saying NO - with both Josh and Nikki saying it all the time it may well be one of his first words *grin*

mmmmm krispy kreme - august 14 here I come...............

have fun stitching whilst I have fun spreadsheeting - joy!


Jodie said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Ros. Hope the kiddies are little angels for you.