Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday bloody monday!

What was everyone else’s children doing at 12.23pm today? Well mine were in the bath (Nikki and Josh.) Any ideas why? (See pic)...

The decided to take the cordial bottles out of the pantry and put them on the bench, open them up and drink straight out of them. (Stop laughing Fiona, it is not funny!) Josh hadn't drank any but Nikki had! All over her clothes and have stained her white top and singlet (clothes till soaking). Not happy and I guess it si payback for me trying to finish the stitching on my DT layout but grrrr I tell you. It was not what I needed today when I was already having a grumpy/moody day with mood swings galore!

I got my new SC today. I was pleased as it had a layout of Joshie and I in it. Must scrap some more as that was the last one I had accepted and it was accepted in April!

Oh and since Blogger is playing nice today I managed to upload my create journal from Jen Hall.

Not a lot else to add at the moment except for the kids are being "delightful". They are all currently asleep or in bed singing to themselves (Nikki) and out of my hair at least. Thankfully Nat is home today, working tomorrow (but then so am I) and I am home alone on Wednesday (Nat at work and the kids at childcare!) I think I will need the break! And for once I don't have any appointments or errands to run (yet!)

I went to the optomitrist (sp.) on Friday and had my eyes tested. Got new glasses and Nat picked them up this morning for me. One problem though, I liked them on Friday but don't like them today. They look different when you are looking at them with stickers on the frame etc. Plus they are so uncomfortable compared to my old glasses. I got the same script and everything so you are probably wondering why I bothered getting new glasses if they are the same but Nikki helped shape the frames of my old ones.... Not happy Jan! Need to take them back and get the nose pieces adjusted. Hopefully, that will make them a little more comfy.

Off to send the singing girl back to bed!

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