Monday, July 10, 2006

Curly headed monster, free to a good home!

Does anyone want a curly headed monster? Free, to a good home. Well, free regardless... This afternoon after the whole cordial episode (see previous post) Nikki has been driving me crazy. She hasn't had an afternoon nap, and spent the time in her room singing and and saying 'hi to the dogs out the window'.

While Josh was still having his nap this afternoon, Nat called my outside to check out his handy work regarding the retaining wall (over 30m finally finished including the seat on the top) and to talk about the sprinklers. Whilst outside Nikki decides to lock the sliding door and lock us outside. With no keys or phone and the front door being locked, we had to talk her through unlocking the door. For the most part of it, she wanted us to knock on the sliding door and she would knock back and wave 'hi'. Eventually she unlocked the door for us and we got inside. Of course she let us in after I sent Nat to Josh's window to wake him up to help us out!

Just now, she was playing with the spoons in the culterly (sp.) door, (nothing unusual there, for this house) and I was folding the washing and I noticed that she had a spoon in the bechamel sauce of the lasagna (the top layer of tonights dinner). Telling her off and taking the spoon away (and moving the lasagna) I noticed Drew's face was quite dirty. I asked her if she was feeding Drew to which she proudly responds "YUP!"

So, does anyone want my divine Miss Nikki?


Sarah said...

She would fit right in with harry ATM.. (must be the moon) I can't believe she locked you both out. Cheeky girl.. i must say i love the pics of Drew with the cheese sauce. What a great page they will be..LOL

Sorry i had to laugh. Kids are so testing hey!!!!

Cheer up two more sleeps until a day off....

Cindy said... this what I have to look forward to again ?? LOL

Kids...gotta love 'em !

Katie Toland said...

Yes, I've been locked out too, thankfully not for too long though LOL. Love the cheese sauce piccies, he looks pretty cute really LOL, and I'm getting hungry thinking about lasagne.