Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not a lot new here...

Not a lot new to report... Nikki has calmed down thank goodness! I don't think I could have taken another day of her testing and tricking etc. Probably a good thing I was working all day Tuesday (so tiring). Yesterday we my child free day, did a layout (have taken a photo of it) and spent ages online looking for some things for my EDM layout.... One store has what I want but haven't unpacked it and won't be unpacking it till next week. What the? Really annoying as I can't do anything until I have the item (Li'l Davis envelopes)

Took the kids to the local play centre for mum's group this morning. They are all asleep right now (except Drew) and Nat was supposed to be home so I could go out and get some things... Still at Bunnings (without his wallet) and not answering his phone.

He just rang me and realised he didn't have his wallet. He is on his way home now to pick it up and then turn around and go back to Bunnings. Meanwhile, my bedroom looks like a tip (moving the dryer out of there and into the laundry) and I can't even see my bed. Nat has filled it high with papers... I would go for a sleep except I can't find where I will fit. I would move it, but it is in a Nat organised system.

Enough whinging (or stop whinging mum) as Josh tells me at times!



NuttyScrapper said...

Hey Ros :)
I have a heap of Lil'Davis envelopes - if you let me know tonight I can have them in the post tomorrow (going away in the morning for the weekend)Just tell me colours/sizes etc and I'll see if i have them@!

Ros said...

Lou, where was your comment at 2pm! LOL, I ordered some chocolate ones online.... Thanks for the offer. If I need any more I'll contact you (need your e-mail address though) and I am happy to pay for them!