Friday, July 14, 2006


On Triple M this morning they were asking how come questions. As in the ones your children ask you. For example, Bridg's son Charlie asked "How come you can't tickle yourself?"
Well, I am asking why won't me kids sleep?
I have been awake since 3am this morning when I had all 3 kids awake at various times. Drew went back to sleep finally after I changed his nappy and dressed him in his child care clothes (he was having issues with his tigger suit), Nikki fell asleep in our bed for small bits and Josh didn't sleep at all. I tried getting in his bed, having him in our bed, on his wiggles couch in our room and even on the couch in the lounge room with the tv on. Josh was still awake at 9pm when I got back from Scraptacular last night and had less than 6 hours sleep all night! Josh and Nikki are going to be in crappy moods at childcare today and will need sleeps by about 9am!

Of course I have to work today so I will only be working for a short time as I need some serious sleep! Can't do work with huge headaches that lead to miagrains (sp.) if I don't sleep and then I am completely useless anyway. Original plan for work today was work until about 2pm and then go to Frankston for some much needed new jeans. The pair I brought a while ago (after Drew was born) are too big now and look a little funny. The pair I wear most of the time are fraying at the heam and don't have a botton. It fell off long ago! LOL, so I am on the search for some hipster jeans that I can wear out etc.

I have fallen in love with Heidi Swapp’s butterscotch paint! I just love the colour. Haven’t used it yet but love the colour after seeing the water layouts she did for the July newsletter.

EDM comp. Is a happening… More so than my masters entry which was uncompleted for a second year in a row! I have all the ideas swirling and twirling around in my lentil and am waiting on product to arrive and substutes (sp.) will not do. Always the way isn’t it! LOL!

Off to eat some breakfast as the chocolate biscuit I had over an hour ago won't cut it for much longer!

P.S. I got the new Scrapbook Answers mag last night and there is some great doodling templates in there... Itching to try them out, just gotta find the right photos first.

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