Saturday, July 15, 2006

New jeans!!!!

With the lack of sleep I had Thursday night it was amazing I managed to last at work till 1.30pm and what is even more amazing that I managed to sort out quite a few problems! Do you think that is telling me to have less sleep more often? LOL...

I got a new pair of jeans yesterday. Clothes shopping is always a dangerous thing for me. Usually a depressing experience as I can't normally find what I am looking for. Well I tell a lie, I can but it usually looks terrible or is in the wrong size or something like that. Back to my story, I tried on one pair of jeans and they were good. No need to mess around and shop forever when the first pair is good. No problems with the depression stakes either... LOL, I also tried on a few jumpers (no go there) and a really nice dress. Nat would have loved it (just showed a hint of clevage) but it was too long for me (made me look shorter) and showed off my mummy tummy too much for me. I told Nat all of the above and he was nice enough to say "but most of your tummy has gone now, because you keep on losing weight!"
Good call, he noticed! LOL but you know how some things just don't do your body any justice, well that was what was happening....
Ohhh on the losing weight thing, I have another kilo in 2 weeks... Bonus! Considering I was stuck over 70 kilos for ages, I am loving it that I am getting closer to 60 kilos (slowly mind you!)

Off to read some more of the paper before Nat steals it and goes to work (his shift got swapped around this weekend) not happy, I hate night shift!


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