Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday.... sunday, sunday...

Today is the start of the birthday celebrations in my house (and quite a few days of me not cooking!) My birthday is tomorrow and Josh’s is on Wednesday and we have what seems like 50 million celebrations. I tried celebrating with everyone for Josh’s 1st birthday and it is difficult and easier having mini celebrations with everyone. Tonight I am having dinner with my mum, step dad and Oma (grandma) and my siblings and their partners. Tomorrow night Nat is cooking me dinner, Tuesday night is dinner with my dad, his partner and my siblings again. Wednesday night is with Nat’s family. Thursday night I actually have to cook (shock horror) and Friday night I am having dinner with some of my high school friends.

I had a home delivery of scrapbook supplies yesterday (thanks Sarah!). Some must have supplies I needed for my EDM layouts that I forgot to pick up when I was shopping this week… Bonus is I could work on them last night when Nat was at work (well as much as Drewie let me!).

Drew is teething and has conjunctivits (sp.) and had a temp. of 39.2. I got him up out of his cot to give him Panadol and as I was giving it to him (well attempting too, he kept turning his head saying “no, no no!”) he threw up everywhere. He was laying back (to give him the Panadol) and managed to get me, himself, Josh and a good portion of the floor beneath us. Thank goodness we were sitting on the kitchen floor tiles. I only managed to get ½ the Panadol dose into him and it didn’t nothing to help his fever. I called ‘Nurses on call’, great idea and I love that they made the phone number easy to remember (someone was thinking!) and they were a great help. Trying to get Drew to agree with their suggestions was fun I can assure you.

I got a huge order of scrapping supplies on Friday. Heaps of Scenic Route for EDM, more Heidi Swapp paper, Heidi Swapp album for EDM, some new reading including Clean & Simple Scrapbooking 1 & 2. Gotta love happy mail! I also got my Scrapbook Answers mag from the States only it is the April issue. LOL, I brought August/September issue on Thursday… LOL, I need to ring them and explain that Skye is my suburb and VIC is our state and get them to change the postcode. How does 3977 become 597 something? My mag went to SA for a while, then onto NSW and finally onto VIC. I have nothing but problems once I take out new subs in Amercia. Everything is fine once I get them sorted about 6 months layout but it is annoying during that time.

Also before I forget again here is my latest for DT layout. We had to scrap a layout 8 x 8. Since I don’t have an 8 x 8 album (and I am doing EDM in 9 x 9) I plan on adding a brown border once I get it back home. The stitching on this took me a little while but of course nothing else would do so I had to get it done…. LOL, for a couple of days it put e off stitching… Not for too long though, I started stitching another title last night! Sorry the scan of my layout isn't the greatest, it has a lumpy button which was making it harder to scan and I was feeling to lazy to take a photo of it (that and it was late!)

On a final note, how sucky is this. I don’t normally work on Mondays but I am working tomorrow (birthday and all). The truck driver has tomorrow off (why????) and normally I wouldn’t need to work but when we have both trucks going out full loaded… I have to work. For some unknown reason most of our contractors want huge jobs tomorrow. We have 310m of fencing going out. When most house blocks have a side fence of 35 – 40m (at the most) that is a lot of fences!



Fiona said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Hope tonights steak is good!!!!!


Sarah said...

where are you Ros!!!!! Hope everything is OK.....