Friday, August 25, 2006


Coming to you live from CKU! I have a break between my make n takes and the Campus Crop. I had 2 mini classes this morning (no photos of what I have been doing, just the celebs). The front cover for our favourite things mini album (with Eva Flake and Amy Totty) and Snapshot of Me with Becky Higgins.

Fiona, Eva Flake, Me & Amy Totty after our Bazzill mini class.

Me, Becky Higgins & Fiona during the snapshot of me mini class.

After the classes it was 6 x 6 make n takes with people like Margie Romsley Anslett? (sp.), Donna Downey, Emily Falconbridge, Tim Hotlz and heaps of others only I can't remember everyones names.

Giving Emily Falconbridge her Aussie stuff. She has more of an Aussie accent than Fiona and I do. Well, that is until she does her "Valley Girl" accent!

Me, Tim Hotlz & Fiona. He is so down to earth, like most of the "celebs" we met today. Way cool make n take class too.

Me & Donna Downey, she loved our chocolate esp. since she knew what it was and remembers my name! Oh yeah, she made Fiona and I say a few Aussie things for the crowd like aluminiun (sp.) and a-loo-num like how the Americans say it.

Gotta go room service getting cold. Gotta eat and rush of to Campus Crop where we are performing our dorm chant! And we are first! Yikes!


P.S. Today I entered the layout comp (garden grot) and when filling in the form I started shaking and then the shakes didn't go away until after all the make n takes. I don't know if I was super excited about being here or mixing it up with the celebs, nervous about entering my layout (it didn't all copy since we don't have 12" copiers) or a combination of all three.


Sarah said...

Looks like you are having so much fun.. make sure you check out Emily's blog OK!!! you are famous LOL.... You look so good!! nice and relaxed , looks like you have lost more weight too. must be all the walking you are doing.... Ok keep having lots of fun and i will have to visit you when you get home and see all the fab stuff you have been making.

SEEYA!!!!! OHh anD in Donna's Classes make sure you say to her Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI. BIg thing at KIWI scraps apparently..LOL

Wendy said...

I'm so jealous of you.
Looks like you are having such an amazing adventure.
You look so happy in all the photos too. Can't wait to see what you've been making!

Will said...


Thats so unreal Rozzie, you rock!! I can't wait to see all the things you've made, and GOOD LUCK for the COMP!!!

Katie Toland said...

ooooh you lucky thing. Looks like you are having a ball. Now after giving away some of our Aussie choc, you have to bring back some US choc - Hershies Peanut butter cups! YUM!!