Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday 22nd
Woke early after sleeping a whole night uninterrupted, first time since I have been away. Slow start to the morning with phone calls to scrap stores and we are going to 2 out of the 3 listed on the CKU website.

This afternoon Fiona and I are the subway to the nearest station and the store owner is going to pick us up! How nice is that? Must be a bonus of coming to Boston early and the Aussie accents. (Yesterday we got some freebies too only not scrapping ones.) Got some freebies at the store. The owners we really friendly and offered us drinks and food and oh my god, I have never laughed so much about makes n takes in my life. Rose, one of the owners doesn’t scrapbook. She went to CHA and went off and came back and told Dee (the other owner) that she did a take n make! LOL, from now on, that is what make n takes are called in their store “take n makes!” Pretty funny!

Got back just in time to see the start of the new season of Gilmore Girls! Yay, I am totally lucking it in, with my tv viewing. Fiona missed out of the 200th episode od Stargate as we went to the baseball that night and I have had something to watch both nights on tv! Ordered room service for dinner since we couldn’t get a table downstairs in the restaurant. I hit the hay early after my late dinner as I was exhausted and my knee was playing up really bad (what is new there Nat, something is always wrong with my body!)

We caught up with 3 other scrappers, the fact that we had purchases we were holding helped identify us!

Wednesday 23rd
Today we are getting a mini bus to another scrapping store that has buses running to and from the Seaport Hotel while CKU is on and the owner told me to get on that bus as we are the first people here she has heard off! Score! Freebies and goodie bags when you spend over $25 are a CKU student. Tell, me like that is hard to spend $25... As if!
The girls we met last night are coming on the mini bus with us.

Tonight we are having dinner with the girls from our dorm at a restaurant across the road and then coming back to our room to practice our chant. That’s right, our chant! Our dorm was one of 3 chosen to perform our chant at the Campus crop tomorrow night (think a pep rally sort of thing!) Quite nervous about performing our chant as we each have 2 lines to do and a lot of people are having problems with our accents. Mine more so that Fiona’s! This is going to be interesting. At least there will be a projector so everyone else can read what I am supposed to be saying!

Heading to Stapes this afternoon to print some photos for one of my classes. Snapshots of New York City. Well, that is what I am calling the photos. One of these days, I will actually put some photos in a post but I am always rushing to do something else (today breakfast then scrapping store) and it is not going to get any better the next few days as registration opens tomorrow for CKU.


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