Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now in Boston

An update on the last few days... Regular updates happening all the time now with very good internet connection!

Saturday 19th
Spent the morning lazying around and doing laundry at the Laundromat. Afterwards, we headed into Times Sqaure to catch the bus downtown to see some more of the sights and a ferry ride around the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Got some good photos and after the tour did a spot of shopping in Toys R Us (it is a huge store with a real ferris wheel ride on the basement floor) and went into Hershey’s for a chocolate fix.

Back to the apartment for dinner in a taxi (who complained we didn’t tip.) I gave him a 10 cent tip, lousy I know but it was a $2.90 fare and he so wasn’t worth $5 as that was the other note I had on me at the time. Plus, he dropped us off in the totally wrong spot! After dinner it was back into Times Square for the night time tour which we saw the Statue of Liberty and went over the Brooklyn Bridge among other places. Exhausted after sitting on the bus we walked back to our apartment via Duane Reade for more pop tarts and candy for Nat who called when we got back in. After talking with Nat I was a little worked up because of some of the things he said that was happening at home which meant I had no hope of sleeping. Finally after 1am sometime I was out like a light.

Sunday 20th
Woke up at 7.45, got up had a shower and breakfast, read for a bit and was so tired I went back to sleep until 11.30. Finally got moving and walked to Central Park. So pretty there and huge, it is over 50 blocks long. We were looking for Strawberry Fields, (the tribute area to John Lennon only we got lost), we saw Sheep Meadow (which is the New York beach! People sunbake, relax and play on grass) and went to see Alice in Wonderland. I left Fiona at Central Park and caugh a cab to a stamp store (on West 12th and 8th Avenue) with some scrapping stuff (not much there) and walked back to West 55th and 8th Avenue. Fiona was heading to the Museum of National History while I went shopping.

On the way back I stopped of at GAP (didn’t buy anything though) and found a supermarket! It is the first supermarket I have found in New York. The rest of the places we have been to have been a pharmacy or a mini mart. I got Nat heaps of Pop Tarts since that was one of his many requests and a pack for me too (cookie dough).

Quite tired after walking over 40 blocks and Central Park but it was an experience. I am happy that we got to see Central Park since we are so close to it 4 streets away. I wanted to go to the markets on 3rd Avenue today but I was too tired after Central Park (hence the cab ride, and I tipped him good!)

We just got back from going out for dinner to a local diner on Broadway and as we were leaving all these fire trucks and police cars pulled up. There is a fire in an apartment on the corner of Broadway and West 55th. We had a bit of a sticky but left before anything really happened. In terrible form, neither of us took our cameras. We thought about going back for our cameras many times, but then couldn’t be bothered. As I am typing the fire trucks are pulling into 8th Avenue and I can see all these flashing lights out the window. I would take a photo out the window only they are very dirty (tried this our first night here!)

We are nearly all packed for leaving here in the morning. We have an 11am flight to Boston but need to be ready to be picked up by the shuttle 3.5 hours earlier than our flight… Nice early start tomorrow morning.

Blogger isn’t playing nice and allowing me to upload some maybe tomorrow. Really should hit the hay and go to sleep early? It’s 10.28pm, which is my normal bedtime. So not early…

Monday 21st
Arrived at the Seaport (in Boston) after a 39 minute flight from New York in a plane that seated less than 40 people. I somehow managed to sleep through take off and woke just before landing. I was so tired but that probably had something to do with the lack of sleep last night. Both Fiona and I were awake at 4am!

The best part about the Seaport Hotel (where CKU is being held and we are staying) is that tipping is not required. That and the room is super plush! We have our own air condition controls I was just informed but we have access to the net that won't drop out which is the problem we were having in New York. We couldn't get any hot spots... Planning to upload some photos soon to.

Off to unpack and get some lunch. Ohh and find out about the scrapbook stores for CKU. I think there is a 3rd one now.... Just need to find out how to get there. LOL, the most important thing at the moment aside from lunch!


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Sarah said...

sounds like you are having ball. i hope you have fun at CKU BOSTON!!!!! OHHH and we have to go to KIWI scraps next year OK!!!!