Monday, August 21, 2006

A scrapbooker without a camera! Oh no...

Woke up at 7.45, got up had a shower and breakfast, read for a bit and was so tired I went back to sleep until 11.30. Finally got moving and walked to Central Park. So pretty there and huge, it is over 50 blocks long. We were looking for Strawberry Fields, (the tribute area to John Lennon only we got lost), we saw Sheep Meadow (which is the New York beach! People sunbake, relax and play on grass) and went to see Alice in Wonderland. I left Fiona at Central Park and caugh a cab to a stamp store (on West 12th and 8th Avenue) with some scrapping stuff (not much there) and walked back to West 55th and 8th Avenue. Fiona was heading to the Museum of National History while I went shopping.

On the way back I stopped of at GAP (didn’t buy anything though) and found a supermarket! It is the first supermarket I have found in New York. The rest of the places we have been to have been a pharmacy or a mini mart. I got Nat heaps of Pop Tarts since that was one of his many requests and a pack for me too (cookie dough).

Quite tired after walking over 40 blocks and Central Park but it was an experience. I am happy that we got to see Central Park since we are so close to it 4 streets away. I wanted to go to the markets on 3rd Avenue today but I was too tired after Central Park (hence the cab ride, and I tipped him good!)

We just got back from going out for dinner to a local diner on Broadway and as we were leaving all these fire trucks and police cars pulled up. There is a fire in an apartment on the corner of Broadway and West 55th. We had a bit of a sticky but left before anything really happened. In terrible form, neither of us took our cameras. We thought about going back for our cameras many times, but then couldn’t be bothered. As I am typing the fire trucks are pulling into 8th Avenue and I can see all these flashing lights out the window. I would take a photo out the window only they are very dirty (tried this our first night here!)

We are nearly all packed for leaving here in the morning. We have an 11am flight to Boston but need to be ready to be picked up by the shuttle 3.5 hours earlier than our flight… Nice early start tomorrow morning.


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