Monday, August 21, 2006


Friday 18th
Spent the morning on the hop on hop off bus uptown until we got close to F.A.O Schwartz. Did a lot of looking in the famous toy store and a little purchasing, went into Bloomingdale’s and could hardly afford to stand in the store, LOL! Headed to the Hard Rock for lunch, really good cob salad (my usual) but they didn’t have choc chip cookie pie. (What is with the Hard Rocks, Melbourne has it, Gold Coast doesn’t and now neither does New York).

We did half of the downtown loop on the bus and got off as we were exhausted and nearly falling asleep. Tried for at least 30 minutes to flag down a taxi, many stopped only to refuse to drive us. We were on the corner of 4th Street and 6th Avenue and needed to go to the corner of West 55th Street and 8th Avenue. Eventually we hailed a cab after deciding to catch another bus to be dropped off at West 55th Street and 6th Avenue. So we had to walk 3 streets across (and yes, I can count there is 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, Broadway then 8th Avenue. They do that sometimes, have streets named out of order to confuse us out of towners!)

Came back to the hotel room and Nat called, (hi honey and kiddies) and had a small rest before racing out to the Baseball. We braved the subway to Shea Stadium to see the New York Mets play against the Brooklyn Rockies. Our seats were great with being on the mezzanine level right near 3rd base. Got some great photos yesterday of not only the baseball but Times Square, Central Park and a few other landmarks.

You will never guess who I saw yesterday? The naked cowboy, he is not really naked but in y fronts, a hat and boots. LOL, so funny! I didn’t take a photo as the angles was bad but brought a photo of him with a lady cracking up laughing. Will be posting it when I can scan it but brought the photo for my travel journal more than anything.

Was supposed to be leaving early this morning to go out on out really busy day we have planned only we actually slept, well past 6am! I woke up at 4am yesterday morning so sleeping in till after 7am was well needed.

Off to find a laundromat, need to do some clothes washing.


P.S This is the entry I wrote yesterday, no time to update now. Off to Central Park done nothing this morning except sleep and I needed it!

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