Monday, August 14, 2006

Where has the day gone?

Ahhhh, where has today gone? I spent it do washing (as always and tiding up heaps), packing a little and watching the concretors make a mess of my yards (front and back) as we are having some more concreting done tomorrow (finally). My SIL stopped over with pressies for the kids (thanks Fi) and had a play with the kiddies and a chat with me. I met up with my MIL who desperatly (sp.) need some of my bazzill stock and was having a mini hissy fit (all sorted now).

Working tomorrow (to do pays for the week and in advance, banking, cheques for end of month etc.) only supposed to be there for a little bit but my dad has other idea! LOL, non important stuff that can wait until I come back. Way more important things to do, like get to my waxing appointmet on time (hey a girl has to have nice smooth legs and underarms and tidy eyebrows! LOL) and maybe even get time to get a new lens for my camera and finish my errands.

Off to bed now, got to be up early!

P.S. Sorry so ramabling (sp.)

P.P.S Nikki and Josh were in the bath tonight playing and Nikki was saying to Josh "More coffee?" LOL, so funny since we don't drink coffee... So cute though.

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Sarah said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. Don't forget the tim tams!!!!!!